FutARism Markers

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How To

To experience FutARism on your smartphone:

1. Download and launch the application Junaio
2. Search for the channel FutARism
3. Open the channel and point your smartphone camera at any FutARism marker

An AR marker does not exist so much for itself, but for the spectacle (the modern miracle) it produces, a contemporary phantasmagoria. Similar to that Victorian entertainment, the marker seems a quaint parlor trick. Like other forms of mark making, calligraphy is wrapped up in the metaphysics of bodily presence. Here, the trace of the body digital is presenced in the performativity of calligraphy.

Artist Statement

An anachronism in the process of becoming, markers are no longer at the leading edge of virtual technology, but is caught up in the narrative of technological development and a paradigm of planned obsolesce. Indeed, here the marker is the product of the cause of its demise, AR object tracking. In this project, the marker is an important hedge to the utopian bet of better living through design, reminding us of the destruction creation entails.