Simple as Water

Project Description

This short performance video was made for, and won the first award of, AR/MR Unbound video competition by the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality ( ISMAR2011 ) The call for videos was made to solicit "explorations of, speculations about, and meditations on the experience of AR and MR in a future unbound from the fetters of our current technologies [...] It is conventional wisdom that Augmented and Mixed Reality have the potential to reshape how we interact with the world in profound ways. But how? The design of current AR and MR applications is limited by a technological framework still in its infancy, and speculation on future developments is constrained by the foreseeable future as well."

Artist Statement

Simple as Drinking Water contemplates the inexorable, yet infantile future of Augmented Reality. By performing the very mundane act of drinking, I have aimed to interrogate the possibility of AR seamlessly becoming part of our life, basic, pure and simple. This juxtaposition of the simpleness of the everyday and the presumably technological nature of future is evoked by the Persian expression that is set as the title. The overflowing glass simultaneously suggests constraints of the foreseeable future and the excessive rhetoric built around AR. Anachronism in making, this video aims to question deterministic assumptions of technological utopia.