Choreography of the Liminal

Project Description

For this series of portraits of taxicab drivers, the drivers were instructed to sit wherever they please. Moving from behind the wheel to the passenger’s seat or backseat, we see the choreography of the liminal in action. In this new dramaturgy, they are, literally, out of place. Choreography of the Liminal emerged from a previous project, Transient (2010), a series of video installations in New York City taxicabs.

Artist Statement

With Choreography of the Liminal (2010), I engage in a form of portraiture wherein the process of representation is a negotiation from which a reciprocal dynamic emerges. An interrelationship in the process of becoming, time slows and the subject’s steady stare opens up. Off the clock and out of time, a hyper circumscribed place of work morphs into something else. The resulting image is suffused with desire. A gaze returned and a gaze repeated: the altered experientality of Choreography of the Liminal seeks to create a place to contest the obscurity of hyper visibility.


A selection of works from Choreography of the Liminal were included in the exhibition Voyeur as part of Miami Art Week. The show was organized by The Young Patrons Circle of American Friends of the Louvre (AFL), the Contemporaries of the Miami Art Museum and XXXX Magazine.