Poetic Quarrel - Paintings

Artist Statement

The mix-media series Poetic Quarrel consists of three parts Lavish Contemptuousness, Timeless Chat and Frantic Harmony. The project is a kind of attempt to perform and literalize a diasporic hybridity. The point of departure for this material dialectic is the poetry of Muhammad Iqbal: a shore that is still and stagnant in nature and a wave that is in constant motion, ever-changing. The taunting words of the wave, “Standing still means inexistence; I’m in movement. Yes! I am,” exhibit an overpowering presence and animosity towards the shore’s immobility. This dialogue is subscribed within a modernist worldview between past and present, tradition and modernity.  But this is just the beginning; the project seeks to move beyond these easy divides to reflect the reality of a fluid identity, literalized in the combining of organic and inorganic, finding the places where abstract painting and Persian calligraphy meet and pushing them to a new resolution.