Act IV : Reflections

Artist Statement

After being escorted outside the confines of the museum, I embark on the final act of The Other Artist is Present. No longer able to gain entry to The MoMA, I resume my performance from another wooden table, this time facing a glass wall near the entrance. The dialogue is now symbolic, no longer with a person, but with the museum itself, as I am well aware of the thin distinction between those expressions deemed artistic versus those labeled as nuisance. The public must pass the other artist to enter the institution, a gatekeeper of art, allowing access only to those paying the toll.

As a sea of people passes by, a few cautiously stop to watch me sitting in the rain confronted by my own reflection. At first silent and still, I begin swaying and chanting loudly. Now even those inside the museum seem aware of the scene developing on the other side of the glass. No doubt, certain patrons will recall the mysterious man upon entering the atrium and witnessing Abramovic’s piece, thus shaping their experience of what was once an unrelated work. By joining itself to the Balkan artist’s performance, my reactive piece has left an indelible mark, impacting and altering the perception and memories of the viewer.