Trailer : The Other Artist Is Present

Project Description

Amir Baradaran’s The Other Artist is Present is a performance in four acts wherein he honors, questions and ultimately departs from Marina Abramovic’s performance at The Museum of Modern Art, entitled The Artist Is Present  (9 March - 31 May 2010). Abramovic has invited the public to participate in her latest work: a living sculpture in which patrons silently engage the artist for the length of their choosing. Baradaran, too, accepts her invitation, but as an impassioned fellow artist looking to draw her into a ‘sohbat’–the Persian term for a conversation with both spiritual and corporeal dimensions.

In so doing, he demonstrates that the participants’ interaction contributes to the art even as it disrupts and disturbs the pristine set, leaving an effect that remains even after one has left the encounter, be it tangible or intangible. The Other Artist is Present speaks to the notions of timelessness, (dis)continuity and consciousness central to Abramovic’s work while illuminating such issues as authorship and authority. Baradaran’s creative implementation of his life experience and interest in hyphenated cultural identity inform the performance, allowing him to respond to concepts and imagery developed by Abramovic while adding his own layers of interpretation.