"Artist Amir Baradaran is doing a video project in 6,300 New York taxi cabs, and if you’re lucky enough to hail one of them — and if you’re paying attention — you might just catch one of the most interesting urban interventions in quite a while."

Sarah Douglas, ARTINFO

"Baradaran wonders whether AR technology, which superimposes digital effects over photography, might be a viable medium for artists... The artist made his case last night-for a one-night event-with the performance/release of a manifesto on the subject, FutARism."

Michael Slenske, Art in America

"Firebrand scholar and activist, Amir Baradaran has added a third hat to his collection, that of visual artist and it’s one with many feathers… er, bristles. His canvases, bold with sweeping gesture, rich texture and fastidious detail, reveal a complex heritage and a promising future."

Thomas Waugh, Concordia University


Amir Baradaran (b. 1977) is a New York based Iranian-Canadian new media and performance artist. As the Creative Research Associate at Columbia University's Computer Science department (CG and User Interfaces Lab), his pioneering Augmented Reality {AR}t works question the role of machines and the promise of Artificial Intelligence in our everyday life. Baradaran’s praxis has inspired academic researchers, art professionals and technology developers alike. As a member of the Digital Storytelling Lab in New York, he is interested in the articulation of visual vocabularies that use AI/AR technologies for storytelling around notions of interactivity, infiltration, data-mining, failed utopias and the ephemeral. His bodies of work, writings, and public speaking, including his recent TEDx talk, engage with the ways in which participatory experiences and new-media instigate speculations about the racialized self, sexualized body, radical subjectivities and technology.

Baradaran is the recipient of the prestigious Knight Foundation Art Challenge Award, the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality first place prize, Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter Prize (celebrating 150th anniversary of Canada) and UC Berkeley Artist Residency (from Center for New Media, Critical Theory, Performance Studies, and Race and Gender Studies). Morgan Stanley commissioned him for the opening ceremony of Pulse Art Fair during Art Basel Miami Beach. In addition to being discussed in academic publications from Cambridge and Oxford University Press,

the New York Observer, ARTNET, National Public Radio, BBC, Forbes, Art21, Euro-News, Dot429, L’Actualité, Miami New Times and Radio Television Suisse have also reviewed his work.ARTINFO described his public-art installation, Transient (6,300 NYC taxicabs, 1.5M viewers), as “one of the most interesting urban interventions.” Frenchising Mona Lisa (AR installation/infiltration in the Louvre) was featured on the cover of ArtinAmerica.com in which Baradaran claims to be part of the permanent collection of the Louvre—until this institution finds legal means to remove his AR(t) project. In his book, Keywords in Subversive Film/Media Aesthetics (2015), Robert Stam examines how Baradaran’s work “enacts in ‘media jujitsu’ and instigates critical speculation about national identities, Islamophobia, and curatorial practices.”

Baradaran has pursued his artistic and academic endeavors through Growing Panes (AR performance, British Museum, Art and Patronage, 2012) and other projects such as Marry Me to the End of Love (initially installed at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, 2012), FutARism (2011), SamovAR and Tempest in the Teahouse (AR installation and performance, Armory Arts Week, 2012), Selfie-Centered (Art Basel Miami Beach, 2014) and Man Na Manam + {AR}ticulations of the Self (Istanbul Archeology Museum, 2015). He is currently working on two large-scale interactive storytelling projects using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality- to be installed in Florida, Colorado and Canada.

Exhibitions and Performances

2019 - Facing the Cloud++reStoring Po{AI}try. A Large-Scale Interactive Augmented Reality Public {AR}t Installation, Winner of Canada Council for the Arts’ New-Chapter celebrating 150th country’s anniversary, Place des arts, Montreal

2019 - Facing the Cloud++reStoring Po{AI}try. A Large-Scale Interactive Augmented Reality Public {AR}t Installation, Winner of the Knight Foundation Art Challenge, Little Haiti Cultural Center, Perez Museum, HistoryMiami Museum, FL

2018 - Crumbling Cities and Butterflies Undique ARt work, Creative Tech Week Art Hub, Downtown Community Television Center (DCTV), NY

2018 - 3D Printed + AR Award. Commissioned by Digital Storytelling Lab of Columbia University to create the award for the Digital Dozen New Media Festival, Film Society of Lincoln Center, NY

2015 - Man Na Manam: {AR}ticulations of the Self! Commissioned installation by Morgan Stanley, Selected Project for Opening of Pulse Contemporary Art Fair, Art Basel Miami Beach, FL

2015 - Man Na Manam: {AR}ticulations of the Self! Communicating the Museum Global Conference, Archeology Museum of Istanbul, Turkey

2015 - ArtExpo, Takeoff Revisited, Emerge Americas Conference, Miami Convention center, FL

2015 - Augmented Art Show, curator, Augmented World Expo, Santa Clara, CA, forthcoming

2014 - Culturunners Storytelling, group exhibition, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Edge of Arabia, Crossway Foundation, Cambridge, MA

2014 - Pushing Boundaries, group exhibition, @60”: The height of Art, Delano Hotel, Art Basel, Miami, FL

2014 - Brides Magazine (Fall edition), Rafael Cennamo Couture Photography Campaign, New York

2014 - Selfie-Centered, solo show, Private viewing, New York

2013 - 3D Printed Headpieces, Collaboration with Designer Rafael Cennamo, Fashion Fall Collection, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, New York

2013 - Set Design Collaboration with Designer Rafael Cennamo, Fashion Show, Spring Collection, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, New York

2013 - Limited Access Four: The Wandering islands, group show, Parking Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2012 - Marry Me to the End of Love, group show, Cité Internationale des Artistes, Paris, France

2012 - Growing Panes, solo show, The British Museum, Art&Patronage, London, UK

2012 - Marry Me to the End of Love, solo show, Subterranean Art House, Commissioned, University of California Institute for Research in the Arts, Berkeley, CA

2012 - ARt Gala, group show, Augmented Reality Event (ARE), Santa Clara, CA

2012 - OtherIs, group show, multiple locations, Tehran, Iran

2012 - SamovAR & The Tempest in the Teahouse, solo show, Armory Arts Week, New York

2012 - Set Design Collaboration with Designer Rafael Cennamo, Fashion Show, Fall Collection, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, New York

2011 - Frenchising Mona Lisa, Augmented Reality infiltration installation, Louvre Museum, Paris

2011 - The BuZZZ, group show, Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, Pulse Art Basel, Miami, FL

2011 - Unbound, International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR), Basel, Switzerland (Winner of int’l video competition: Simple as Drinking Water)

2011 - Facets of Figuration, group show, Rodman & Renshaw Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

2011 - Mantamed, group show, Manetamed Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2011 - ARt Gala Performance, solo show, Augmented Reality Event (ARE), Santa Clara, CA

2011 - Contemporary Anniversary, group show, Benrimon Gallery, New York

2011 - All City, group show, Broome Street Pop-up Art Gallery, New York

2011 - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, set design for Rafael Cennamo Couture fashion show, New York

2011 - Venice Augmented, infiltration installation, Venice Biennale, Italy

2011 - FutARism Manifesto Performance, solo show, Benrimon Gallery, New York

2010 - WeARinMoMA, Augmented Reality installation, group show, The Museum of Modern Art, New York

2010 - Transient, public-art video installation in 6,300 taxicabs, viewed by 1.5M people, multiple locations, New York

2010 - Voyeur, group show, Boulan, Miami Art Week, Florida

2010 - Arts In Bushwick Augmented, group show, Beta Spaces, Brooklyn, NY

2010 - The Other Artist is Present, guerilla infiltration performance during Marina Abramovic Retrospective, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York

2009 - Works from Beyond, group show, Peters Street Gallery, Atlanta

2008 - Mayor's Artists of the Year, group show, City Hall, Montreal, Canada

2008 - Beginings, group show, Besharat Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2008 - Le Phare, group show, Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, Canada

2008 - Paints & Passions, group show, Ex-Centris, Montreal, Canada

2007 - Poetic Quarrel, solo show, Michael Banks, Montreal, Canada

Lectures and Presentations

2017 - Technology, Storytelling and Representation, Tang Museum’s Accelerator Series program, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY

2017 - A New Medium: How AR & VR Are Shaping Our Future Lives, Augmented World Expo, Munich, Germany

2017 - Emergent Cultures, School of Architecture, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Prof. Karen Wong, Columbia University, NY

2017 - Articulations, Seminar in Dance, Performance and Popular Culture, Theater and Performance Studies, Prof. H. Rastovak, Stanford University, CA

2017 - The {AR}t of Storytelling, Seminar on Visualizing Identities and Differences, Tisch School of the Arts, Critical Studies, Prof. I. Brielmaier, NYU

2016 - Conversations with Technology Entrepreneurs, Interactive Media Arts, Tisch School of the Arts, Prof. Jason King, New York University, NY

2016 - AR and {AR}t Making: Future of Cinema, International Dubai Film Festival, UAE

2016 - The Creative Machine: Making great art through algorithms, big data, augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing and more, Creative Technology Week—Art Hub, N.Y.

2016 - Conversations with Technology Entrepreneurs, Department of Writing, History & Emergent Media Studies, NYU

2016 - How Augmented Reality Is an Art Form, Silicon Harlem, Creative Technology Week, Saint Francis College, N.Y.

2016 - Augmented Realities & How Artificial Intelligence Is Becoming Less {AR}t-ificial!, TEDx Talk, Boca Raton, FL

2016 - A Critical Praxis: Augmented Realities and Innovation, Boulder, University of Colorado, CO

2015 - Spectacle, Spectre, and Performance, Conversations with Hyperallergic Magazine, PULSE Perspectives, Miami

2015 - Performance and AR potentialities, Media and Performance Lab, Graduate Crossover Seminar, Utrecht University, Netherlands

2015 - Augmented Potentialities: Re-Thinking Augmented Reality and Digitalised Vision in Relation to Installation {AR}t, Soho House Istanbul, Turkey

2015 - City-AR(t) and Politics of Visibility, Soho Talks, Soho House, Miami Beach, FL

2015 - Palimpsests in Making: Contemporary Augmentation, Instituto Buena Bista, Art Center, Curacao Island

2015 - Augmenting The Augmentable, The Talk Series, Standard Hotel Group, Miami Beach, FL

2014 - Sexualities in the Muslim Worlds, Gender Studies, Wellesley College, MA

2014 - Representations of the Middle East in Performance and Popular Culture, University of California, Berkeley, CA

2014 - Artist’s Talk on AR and Beyond, National Arts Club, ARNY, New York

2013 - Sexuality In the Muslim and Arab Worlds, Women and Gender Studies, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA

2012 - The Possibilities of Augmented Reality in Art Making, University of California Berkeley Institute for Research in the Arts, Art Practice and Rhetoric, Center for the Humanities, Center for New Media, Center for Race and Gender, Arts Research Center, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, New Media Working Group, Program in Comparative Ethnic Studies, Program in Critical Theory, Berkeley, CA

2012 - Challenges of Utilizing AR as a Medium, Augmented Reality Event (ARE), Santa Clara, CA

2012 - Re-Traditioning the Verse: Poetry to Performance, ReOrient Forum, Z Space, San-Francisco, CA

2011 - Representing the Middle East, NYU Graduate Seminar Guest Lecture, New York

2011 - FutARism: The Possibilities of AR in Art Making, Augmented Reality Event (ARE), Santa Clara, CA

2011 - Artist’s Talk on Augmented Reality, ARNY Columbia University, New York

2011 - AR and Art, Mobile Cultures and Wireless Communications Conference, Concordia University, Montreal

2011 - The FutAR of Modern Art, Convergent Media, Pace University, New York

2007 - Sexual Representation in Cinema: Queering Muslim Bodies, The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

2006 - Women and Development, Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

2006 - Culture Shock: HIV/AIDS, Quebec Public Interest Research Group, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

2005 - Iranian Women after Twenty Years of Revolution: Opportunities and Challenges, Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences (CFHSS), University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

2005 - Representing Muslim Bodies: Death Over "Here" and Over "There,” Researchers and Academics of Color in Canada for Equity (RACE), Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada

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2004 - Re-Orienting the Queer and Queering the Orient, 5th Biennial Conference: Iranian Cultural World as an "Other,” Critique Magazine: Critical Middle East Studies, Bethesda, Maryland

2003 - Racism & Identity Formations, School of Social Work, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

2003 - Resistance Against the Empire, Annual International Conference/Retreat, Alternatives, Montreal, Canada

Print Reviews & Publications

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Online Reviews, Television & Radio

2017 - Columbia University Computer Science, New media artist Amir Baradaran awarded two art grants to rethink storytelling and artistic authorship in an age of AR/AI, CS Site.

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Awards & Scholarships

2017 - New-Chapter,150th Anniversary of Canada Prize, Canada Council for the Arts, Canada

2016 - Knight Arts Challenge winner for Facing the Cloud public art project, Knight Foundation, USA

2016 - Creative Research (Honorary Appointment), Computer Science/User Interfaces Lab, Columbia University, USA

2016 - Artist Residency Grant, Communication, Writing and Rhetoric Program, Boulder, University of Colorado, CO

2015 - Canada Art Council Award, Visual Artist Project Grants, Canada

2015 - Morgan Stanley Art Installation Commission for the opening of Pulse Contemporary Art Fair, USA

2012 - Artist Residency Grant, Berkeley Center for New Media (BCNM), Institute for Research in the Arts, Center for Race and Gender, Program in Critical Theory, University of California, Berkeley, CA

2011 - Winner of First Prize: Future of Augmented Reality Artist Competition, International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR): Simple as Drinking Water

2008 - Mayor's Artists of the Year List, City Hall of Montreal, Canada

2008 - International Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow Award, New York

2006 - Ministry of Culture and Immigration, Diversity Awareness Grant through LGBTQ Egale Canada

2007 - Academic Student Scholarship, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

2006 - Ministry of Education’s Mobility Scholarship, Field Research

2004 - Academic Student Scholarship, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

2003 - Social Engagement Annual Award, Iranian Women’s Association, Montreal, Canada

1988 - National Philosophy Essay Competition, Quebec

1995 - National Science and Leisure Council, Expo-Sciences Competition, Quebec


2004 - Bachelor of Arts, International Development studies and Psychology, McGill University, Montreal

2008 - Master of Arts, Communications and Media Studies, Concordia University, Montreal

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